Signed in as:

Green experts, services, projects & products!

A to Z "As seen on GreenTV"

Automobiles; vehicles, personal transports and boats powered by clean, Green energy. 

Beauty, all natural body products produced and distributed on-site and on-line.

Cannabis-based, Patented whole plant products for you and your loved ones mind, spirit and soul.

Designs of Green with people, pets, plants and planet in-mind.

Energy audits, savings and production from world energy experts and nature. 


Food production on-site, multi-sources, all natural.

Green growing area and self-sustaining green houses for natural nourishment and wellness. 

Hemp grown and utilized for hemp (concrete), building materials, insulation, water filtration and fashion .


In-house promotions and productions.

Juicing on-site from local farms and on-site grow areas. 

Kermit the Frog type entertainment for fun and positive education.

Lodging: Green lodging as in clean, green, healthy and comfortable.

Music is the universal language and remedy for many! Musicians and creatives will perform and entertain.

Nutrition for you and all creatures an all of her natural forms.


Open water creature rescue and 24/7 reporting on quality of surrounding water sources.

Podcasts from Lady Lenape of the first people of first state in nation to other world experts.

Quality of life is advocated as is longevity. 

Resort style retreat, close yet far enough away to let stress melt from time of arrival.

Speakers from all over will share the words of good intent in going Green.

Terra domes and natural sweat lodges on site.


Utopia and ongoing research on ways to improve.

Vineyards of micro-size from local Lenape pudding to quality beverages. 

Water of best quality in the world.

Xanax and prescription drug natural alternatives are one of the founders areas of research and shared. 

You, your causes, passions and visions. This is about you!

Zero energy buildings, transportation and experts at zero-energy in the process of design and build.