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Green experts, services, projects & products!

A to Z "As seen on GreenTV!" on the list? If not, e-mail

Automobiles; Need your ride electrified? We help electrify anything on land, water and air!

Beauty, all natural body products. Don't see it and need it? Contact

Cannabis. We cultivate and produce medicinal grade products with love to heal your mind, spirit and soul.

Divas! Divas for voice-over, acting, promotion & social events. Talents from 500+ cities near you!

Energy: Thousands of experts with clean energy from earth (land/water), wind, sun. 

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Filming: Get seen & heard! Still shots to movies, production, promotion and actresses & actors.

Green growing houses to homes and transportation on land and sea, light-footprint. We are your resource!

Hemp's 1,000+ uses, world experts, their Green products and services from A to Z!

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Insomnia answers. Without quality sleep, you, your loved ones and health suffer. 

Juicing. The best for you, loved ones and pets!

Kermit the Frog! Ask Kermit how to go Green! Kermit (aka Jon Lake) is our resident Green expert.

Lodging: Green Resorts to self-sustaining floating villas around the world.

Music, contests and rewards! Music is the universal language and remedy for many!

Nutrition for you and all living creatures.

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Ocean, Sea Rescue, climate change answers and  24/7 reporting on quality of world water sources.

Podcasts from Lady Lenape of the first people of first state in nation to other world experts.

Quality of Life from 100k+ survivors around the world.

Resorts, retreats on land, water to tree houses!  Motor Homes, Green Marinas. Lady Conley's adventures! 

Speakers! Green speakers, sponsors and GreenTV provides the visual platform!

Tea and quality caffeine  sources from seasoned advocates.

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Utopia living! It's here, achievable and affordable. Ask and receive quality advice from caring people.

Video production anywhere in the world. Our production companies and free-lance creatives on stand-by!

Water experts for home, work, people and planet.

Xanax replacement, all-natural, non-addictive, organic and good for you, your pets and loved ones.

You, your causes, passions and visions. Get seen and heard here!

Zero energy buildings, transportation and experts at zero-energy.