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About Us

Who we are


Year 1929; TV was introduced along with the Great Depression. This created an opportunity for young Agnes Lake to use images and voice to teach sustainability.

In 1995 Jon Lake, grandson of Agnes Lake saw TV being replaced by the Internet and created GreenTV® as an opportunity to carry on his grandmothers work.


We are now celebrating 90-years, teaching and sharing sustainability solutions. 

Meet Jon Lake 

Green Products/Services


These are a sample of products and services coming on-line now. 


Air and water purifiers for car, home, school and office.  Health thrives with pure air & water!

Artwork from ancient estates and family collection to year 1929.

Audits that have saved millions in costs, maintenance and natural resources.

Daily immune-building supplement restoring what is lost or not presently in a person or pet's system.

Expert advice for hire by the hour! Twenty-seven A to Z Green experts at your service.

CBD based topical lotions that relieve pain, restore dry skin, reduce skin damage adding healthy glow to complexion and hair.

Addictive pills  replaced with natural plant-based nutraceuticals having medicinal benefit, backed by U.S. Patented science and 3rd party verification. 

My promise. 

Products will be of the highest quality, lowest cost and often gifted to individuals in need.

Jon David Lake

Get Seen, Get Heard!


 "As Seen on GreenTV!" 

Your visual platform to the Green world and presence at 500+ monthly Green Events!