Drillers Look for Geothermal in the Depths of Paris

In the midst of a suburban sprawl halfway between the Eiffel Tower and Paris's busy Orly airport, a drilling crew

Tesla Charges China’s EV Industry with Mobile Carrier Partnership

Despite disappointing progress in China's plan to put hundreds of thousands of new energy vehicles on its roads by

Listen Up: Let’s Talk Solar Water Heating

Outdoor pools are great on hot summer days — the kids are occupied and the water is refreshing. And as the summer

China’s Shunfeng Aims for 3 GW of Installations to Rival Biggest Solar Makers

Shunfeng Photovoltaic International Ltd., which plans to become one of the world's biggest solar cell manufacturers

Old tires could be recycled into better car batteries

Researchers at Oak Ridge Laboratory have found a way to make battery anodes from a graphite-like substance in

Plunge in UK Distributed Energy Investment Forecast for 2019

Investment in the UK's distributed power generation market will witness a significant decline from almost $2.5

Solar Fred Marketing Tip: Being a Tariff-Free Solar Panel Ain’t Enough

My, my, I'm getting all sorts of e-blasts and seeing ads from various solar companies telling me that they have

Six Reasons Solar Needs to Learn to Live with the Tariffs

The solar industry usually has great political instincts. It got President Bush to jumpstart the industry with

Green Education

Why Do Students Really Take Selfies?

You may currently be entrenched in back-to-school craziness, but if you find the time to pick your head up out of your piles of (hopefully paperless) paperwork and organization tasks, you'll see your students taking selfies left and right. If you're not clear on the selfie trend...

3 Recommended TED Talks On Mental Health

Ever since Robin William's untimely demise last month, there has been a huge influx of articles, blog posts, and resources on mental illness floating around in the vast expanse of the interwebs. From this David Wong piece ‘Why Funny People Kill Themselves' to the many discussions...