Plunge in UK Distributed Energy Investment Forecast for 2019

Investment in the UK's distributed power generation market will witness a significant decline from almost $2.5

Expect $1.6 Trillion in Clean Energy Investments Through 2020, Says IEA

Investments in new clean-energy capacity will total $1.61 trillion through 2020 even as the expansion of renewables

Only 4 Days Left to Nominate A Project of the Year and A Woman of the Year. Nominate NOW

Nanodiamonds are forever: Did comet collision leave layer of nanodiamonds across earth?

A comet collision with Earth caused abrupt environmental stress and degradation that contributed to the extinction

Water ‘thermostat’ could help engineer drought-resistant crops

A gene that could help engineer drought-resistant crops has been identified by researchers. The gene, called OSCA1,

Solar Fred Marketing Tip: Being a Tariff-Free Solar Panel Ain’t Enough

My, my, I'm getting all sorts of e-blasts and seeing ads from various solar companies telling me that they have

Cracking the Code on the Business of Energy Management

Energy management is one of the most important parts of our changing energy landscape. It is a market made up of

Whistle-blowing website WildLeaks targets powerful poaching networks

The website aims to take down wealthy poaching rings by giving people a safe, anonymous way to report illegal

Green Education

Seriously. How Much Sleep Do You Really Need?

As most teachers are heading back to the classroom for the start of another school year, many are bemoaning the loss of something they've grown accustomed to over the summer: more sleep. How much does sleep really matter though? We know that more sleep is good for your brain, and...

How Open Badges Could Really Work In Education

Higher education institutions are abuzz with the concept of Open Badges. Defined as a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest, Open Badges are not only a hot topic as of late, but are also debated by some critics as the latest threat to higher...