Part 2: SPI 2014 Solar Event Marketing Hits and Misses

In part 2 of my annual solar event marketing hits and misses, we'll explore some more specific hits and misses that

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Emerging markets are installing renewable energy projects at almost twice the rate of developed nations, a report

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Having worked in stealth mode for the past 10 years, German researchers in combination with serial entrepreneur

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The Northern Mariana Islands are one of several island U.S. territories, lying three-quarters of the way from

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People take batteries for granted, typically worrying about them only when they fail in the electronic devices they

SolarWorld To US Solar Developers: “We Want the Same Things”

When Rhone Resch opened Solar Power International 2014 by telling the industry that it needs to fight for solar the

Green Education

Too Noisy: The Best App to Quiet Your Classroom

Educators typically aren't strangers to sonic chaos. Spend 30 seconds in my classroom of 27 ten-year-olds on a Friday before the bell rings, and you'll see what I mean. I've tried everything to quiet the cacophony that is Room 5, but nothing worked until I discovered a silencing...

5 Tips to Help Develop Common-Core-Aligned IEPs

One challenge for teachers that is not going away this year is figuring out efficient ways to incorporate Common Core State Standards (CCSS). To help, Edudemic has assembled this step-by-step guide with 5 tips for developing Common Core-aligned IEPs. 1. Acceptance: Embrace the...